May 27, 2024

All in the Family

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We have come a long way in America.  Especially when it comes to equality, and yet I’m not sure if all of the advances that we have made have been positive.

For one thing, the family as a unit is in shambles.  Marriage has been devalued to the point that people are asking “why get married” and believing that there’s no value to the vows, a public commitment or to even living a life until death.

To judge just how far we’ve come, take a look at this picture:

if your husband ever finds out

Now, what’s your first reaction?  If it’s wondering just what “store-testing” for fresher coffee is, you’re missing the point.

To some, this picture represents the height of male dominance.  The man is treating the woman as one of his children– spanking her for doing wrong.  Definitely not something that I believe the husband should be doing, and yet in our culture it is the woman who now treats her husband like the child.  She nags, she belittles and she talks to him as if he knows nothing.

You see, rarely does something ever change, it just moves and takes on a different form.  You won’t find a woman thinking it’s wrong for a wife to tell her husband that he forgot to the do the dishes again, or something along that line of thought, and yet it’s the same as the man in this picture.

And this is part of the modern culture and society that has now chosen to give women the right to be whatever she wants– as long as she looks sexy doing it.  I truly sympathize with women.  They are required to be too many things at once, and here is where my heart longs for the simplicity of yesterday.

It’s not that I want to spank my wife, or to lock her at home to bear children and bake cookies.  What I do mean is that there was freedom in the traditional roles of the sexes because you knew who you were, what you were supposed to do, and who you were responsible to.  Today we’re responsible to no one, not even our spouse, we spend our whole lives trying to find something to do, and we long to know who we are to the point that we redefine ourselves to look and sound like those we are not.

We have come a long way indeed.

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