June 16, 2024

What They Are Capable Of

I know, poor English. Never end a sentence in a preposition. In any case, it is scary to think of what teens could do, and are encouraged to do through the new media and medium of communication out there:

Brian HallBrian Hall is 18, and the only reason that he makes it to this blog is because of something he said on his MySpace account that got to authorities. He threatened damage to the school, was confronted, and and booked. Fortunately, he was stopped in time.

But what about those that are not? The Internet has brought about changes in people, especially teenagers. During this time of figuring out who one is as a person, a time of insecurity, teens and adults are finding people who think that the wildest thoughts that a person can have are ok. They are able to play around with sin, and see that people like it.

This is why you have girls that like to parade around on webcams in various stages of undress to get attention. You have boys that organize into groups and encourage each other to take their gaming into the real world.

I know I’m stereotyping to a certain extent, but teens and some adults are unstable at times, and it’s hard to know where reality ends and fantasy begins. It’s hard, when you’re encouraged that a certain sin is ok when it’s in private, to keep it just in private. A sin that we think we are keeping to ourselves has a way of manifesting itself in everything that we say and do.

Let’s be very concerned about where are kids are going, not just in the world, but in the virtual world.

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