April 22, 2021

The Lazy Blogger’s Way to Install a WordPress Plugin

So, you’ve gotten yourself a brand spanking new WordPress blog.  You’ve delete the welcome post and comment from Mr. WordPress.  You’ve started to look through the themes and plugin databases and you’ve found one that you like and would like to try out.

So, you:

  1. Go to the developer’s site.
  2. Download the plugin.
  3. Unzip it into a folder that you’re aware of the location.
  4. Power up your favorite FTP client.
  5. Upload the entire directory (and all of the sub directories) to the right location up on your server.
  6. Go into your Dashboard and enable the theme or plugin.
  7. Then configure the thing to your heart’s content.

What if I told you there was a way to only have to do this one more time?

Introducing Installer, the Plugin.  This terrific plugin is the last plugin (barring someone not following zipping convention) that you’ll install the old way.  From now on, you’ll install with ease.

You see, once this plugin is installed, you you can cut out steps 3-6.  Download the zip file, go to your dashboard and there’s two options that’ll be sweet to your eyeballs– “Install Plugin” and “Install Theme”.  With these options you’ll be able to select the zip file, tell the system to upload and activate all with one mouse click, and then go about configuring.

The plugin even adds the ability to check to see if there are updates from wp-plugins.net!

So what are you waiting for?  Go out and get this plugin today!  That is, unless you like the old way!

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4 thoughts on “The Lazy Blogger’s Way to Install a WordPress Plugin

  1. I’m going to print that so I can give it a try. I NEED step by step instructions and with Mary’s help I’ve been able to do a couple things this week that I wasn’t able to do before! Anything to make this all easier for me! Thanks for sharing! :cheerful:

  2. Funny, Deborah…a year from now, you’ll be teaching someone all this. I just embedded the Technorati emblem into my new blog (thanks to MIn’s tutoring on other projects) and it was so easy this time, compared to the last time when I emailed tech help about 4 times…good grief. Live and learn, and it’s all fun! Have to admit, I’m still figuring out this FTP stuff. Hope it’s second nature by next year!

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