April 24, 2024

Protection Faults and Other Problems

It’s been brought to my attention that there have been people that have had trouble posting comments (so much that they lost their comments) and that it’s a regular occurrence. If you’ve seen anything like that and you can give me the frequency, what you’ve done to get the error, the specific error message and codes, what browser you’re running, etc. then it would be really helpful for me to figure out what part of the blog is malfunctioning and hopefully make your experience better!

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7 thoughts on “Protection Faults and Other Problems

  1. Both times that I had my comments lost…I typed as usual, scrolled down and hit ‘submit’. Then right below the comment box, which was then blank, there was a message in red writing, ‘warning…’ and that’s all I remember. I didn’t pay much attention since I thought I could just hit the ‘back’ button and retrieve it, but it was gone. If it happens agian, I will write down the warning. I’m using Mozilla, if that is the browser.

  2. Min, I often see this problem when using your blog from a machine connected through a web proxy (as I am now). My browser is Safari, which still has the text of the comment if I hit the back button. I then resubmit and all is well.

    I wonder if the problem is that you are passing a token that changes on each post, and that the token is being cached? If so, setting the expiry date of the token to be in the past should solve the problem (unless the cache ignores the expiry date!)

  3. MIN, I just had this happen again!! I wrote a long comment on ‘denominations’, hit submit and it said “worng (The way it’s spelled, not me!) protection code passed. Try again please.” Then a code of letters flashes like what you have to type in sometimes, but it’s not there long enough to do anything about it. The words are in red. I’ll go back and give a quick summary of what I wrote, but I wanted to let you know here that it had happened again! I’m using Mozilla Firefox, if that means anything?

  4. I’ve changed spam catching software from smart capcha to akismet upon Stephen’s suggestion. This may end the problems with protection faults. Let me know if you get another one or are still getting them.

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