June 15, 2021

A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century

Being a pregnant mother in the 21st century can be a difficult thing, especially if you are a single mom.  As statistics have borne out, children born to unwed parents have a high rate of failure.  Since this is the case, and that those who are born to unwed parents have less of a chance of success, we are told that it is incumbent upon us to allow a woman to decide to terminate the life in her womb for reasons such as poor timing, insufficient funds, etc.

I would propose that the choices should be broadened so that said woman (especially the poor woman) would be able to avail herself of the excess tissue that she wishes to part with.  After all, since it is not life, it never was human, and it did not have any rights, it is only logical that it may be a commodity that should be leveraged for what it can make a mother rather than just discarded.

I hereby propose that the tissue that would have been the mother’s child, be presented to the mother upon the abortion for her use as she sees fit.  She should be encouraged to sell the tissue for scientific experimentation, skin grafts, and perhaps even a rare delicacy.  Since it is not human, and never was alive, it should considered just like any other product– after all, we value fish eggs, and the rest, so why not “products of conception.”  It’s not a baby, right?

We should be leveraging the discarded masses of tissue for whatever means necessary.  Obviously, if mothers became breeders, they could easily get pregnant to harvest these kinds of materials for research or meals as long as she were fertile.  It would allow the common woman to be able to rise out of poverty as well as explore her sexual liberty.  We should encourage even those women with children that they could have more conceptions for the purpose of selling them– and could set up a category on eBay for the purpose of selling or trading in young body parts.

With this new found source, there would be no more need for human cloning and we would have an endless supply of stem cells.  We could cure all disease, and encourage those unwed moms to donate their tissue masses to science for a tax deduction.

The other profound benefit to our country would be population control.  No longer would you have to worry about the size of the population of the earth becoming unsustainable– for we could remove the problem and reward mothers for doing such.  I know that we encourage them to take control of their lives and not to let potential life in the womb make their decisions— but now we could give them a way to make money off their mistakes and give them a better life.

So, who’s with me?  We need to get this started right away as I’m sure there are scientific advances right around the corner and I can’t wait to taste what elegant dishes some will come up with.

(Hat Tip, Jonathan Swift)

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2 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century

  1. Brave. Courageous. Innovative. Provocative.
    Seriously – this is where we are heading… There are no more boundaries that humans have not crossed. Yet every new atrocity shocks us immensely. I think we should get ready for more, being armed with our Sword of Truth and guarded by our trust in God.
    This army is marching on our knees, we have a mighty Lord, so we should not be afraid.
    In spite of the darkness around us – He is our Light.

  2. You know, the very scary thing is that this whole stem-cell debate is a “high class” way to make using unborn babies seem like a scientifically “smart” thing to do. Saving lives and all that. Once that is legit, and the public at large sees the “benefit” of it, and thus gets desensitized to it, then step by step we’ll be facing worse and worse uses for the unborn.

    I went to the Jonathan Swift link and followed it to the original article he wrote…it’s an online read, and it’s horrifying. He wrote it as a satire in the 1700’s, as a way to solve the problems of Irelands’ starving tenant farmers. He went so far as to describe how a percentage of these infants (1 male for every 4 females) should be nursed for a year, especially well in the last month so they’d be extra succulant before being sold for food to various taverns and gentry who would like the delicacy of “young child”. He describes how to prepare and cook, talks about the weight at birth and how many pounds to aim for while feeding and nursing it the first year…just like livestock. Chilling. When will people cease to find this an atrocity?

    Ann is right, as the times worsen, our faith and walk as Christians is going to have to be something we take more seriously here in America and elsewhere. We’re not playing pretend on the playground of life here. There are big stakes, involving the prince of this earth and his attack on God’s people. He will stop at nothing. Are we as dedicated as we should be?

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