April 21, 2021

Respect for Some Life

To me, humans are fascinating creatures.  Created in God’s image, they have the ability to think and reason.  Cursed by the Fall they sometimes come up with the most absurd reasoning and justifications for the wrong that they do.

Take, for instance, the whole abortion debate.  The passion on both sides of the argument is astounding– but even more so on the pro-abortion side.  That side is against life, against babies, and against a mother’s natural instinct.  It finds itself aligned with those that would take advantage of underage girls (so they can cover their tracks) and those want to have random sex.

But no more stark a contrast is there than the one between how those that free animals and harm businesses, dress in animal paint or nothing at all and preach that the lowliest animal is the same as a human if not better are portrayed and that of those who stand for life.

You see, it’s fashionable to take a stand for “defenseless” animals.  It’s great to get your picture taken or throw paint on people wearing fur.  It’s something that is practically a badge of honor to be thrown in prison for your belief of protecting the lives of animals.

Let the same camera crew cover a PETA demonstration and then a Pro-Life march and you’ll see two different styles of coverage.  Those that are Pro-Life will be portrayed as those that hate giving women a choice.  They’ll be pictured as robbing people of some right that they assume is in the Constitution.  They will be pictured in the negative– though they are standing for something that’s much more precious than the life of a bear– the life of a baby child.

Yes, we are an enigma.  We emphasize and glorify those standing for the animals and demonize those that stand for the children.  May God have mercy on us and may He overturn Roe vs. Wade soon.

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3 thoughts on “Respect for Some Life

  1. So true.
    Somebody called it “culture of death”, and though this person was one of the most famous Roman Catholics, I cannot agree more.
    Strange that You posted on this subject, because it was also on my mind today when I posted this article on a very simolar topic, though no animals involved.

  2. It just blows my mind. I cannot understand it. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” These people have no fear of the Lord. That scares me let me tell you!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  3. As Steve Taylor had it:

    You save the whales,
    You save the seals,
    You save whatever’s cute and squeals.
    But you kill that thing that’s in the womb,
    Would not want no baby boom.

    It is interesting that there appears to be a sense of orthodoxy in any political movement. Thus it is indeed the very same people that push for abortion on demand (and up until birth) who also push for animal rights, and such like.

    But we should not let our enemies define our own worldview. We can come to our own conclusions on these issues. Indeed we must.

    If I were in a political movement with which I found myself in perfect agreement, then I would have to reluctantly conclude that it is likely that I would be holding views *because* they are orthodox in that community.

    It is moy observation that the best politicians in a party are very often those least likely to toe the party line!

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