June 17, 2021

A Definition of Fairness

As a kid, I can remember growing up my mom telling me many times that life was not fair.  From there, I started to say “life’s not fair, it’s a circus.”

Another thing that I used to do a lot of in childhood was modifying game rules.  At first, it was simply to make it so that I would win!  Later on, I’d modify game rules to make them more interesting.  I can remember one time, as a young guy, a neighbor and I put a couple of monopoly boards and some other games together for “Super Monopoly.”  And you thought Monopoly took a long time!

Simply put, as long as rules are expressed in a clear way, and they do not change, then people have some certainty about what their chances of winning are and what will be expected of them.

One must tell something about how many people can win, what are the prizes, what constitutes fair play and what is against the rules.  With all of these things, and only after all have been stated, can someone expect to have a fair game.

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