June 15, 2021

Godly Husband, Godly Wife

I’d like to announce the beginning of a couple of new series that will go throughout our time together, not necessarily every day.

olderhusbandandwifeheader.jpgIn the Godly Husband series we’ll explore the husband’s responsibility to the wife and before God.  Unlike the Father’s Responsibility series, this will look at it from the perspective of the relational responsibility that the husband has in the relationship:  Who is he supposed to be?  What should he be doing?  How does his family show how good a job he’s doing?  How is his walk with the Lord?  What can he do practically?  How can he better serve his family and the Lord?

In the Godly Wife series we’ll look at her relationship to her husband, her relationship to her family and her relationship to her Lord.

In many ways, the wife’s responsibilities are harder because she is to be more like we are to Christ.  She has a lot of self-denial that’s expected of her.  In many ways she has the more difficult challenge.

As she takes the vows of marriage, she is accepting a leader, a lifestyle and she is leaving her parents to join a man, as they both pledge to be one for the rest of their lives.

I hope you enjoy these series as we look at these roles from multiple perspectives and see what God has to say about husbands and wives.

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4 thoughts on “Godly Husband, Godly Wife

  1. Mary at Home-Steeped Hope has been encouraging me to check out your blog. I’m really impressed and I’m looking forward to reading your “Godly Husband, Godly Wife” series. I also went through some of your catogories and enjoyed those. I agree whole-heartedly with your “About”. Something I try to impress upon my children…that we are to be a light, a beacon in this very dark world. I look forward to reading more! Deb

  2. Well, I’m glad you stopped by! If you have another image you’d prefer than the one that I see that it randomized, let me know and I’ll see about changing it. (I’m thinking about making the default image blank!)

    I’m glad you found things you liked here, and I’m also looking forward to exploring what God has to say about husbands and wives. Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. I would like to know what the “rules’ are for being a single, divorced woman with 2 children who has, within the past year, accepted Jesus in the Christian faith and is new in her walk. What also are the rules of courtship – what are the expectations of her and him in terms of christian behavior? And if you do happen to have these answers – where did you find them?

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