May 9, 2021

Thirteen Links to Posts that Never Were

Thirteen Things MInTheGap Wanted to Blog on,
But Did Not and Now it is Too Late
1. FBI Disrupts New York City Tunnel Plot – It’s just your friendly reminder that the terrorist have not gone away.

2. Born on 06-06-06 – A couple has a child on 06-06-06 at 6:06 AM and names him after a Deamon and we’re supposed to think it’s normal.

3. Senator who cried ‘Bigot’ – Maggie Gallagher talks about how Senator Kennedy frames those who disagree with Same Sex marriage as Bigots, instead of showing respect for differing opinions.

4. Heavy Rains Flood the Northeast – It seems the Northeast either has lots of rain or lots of Sun– never a happy balance.

5. Beware of Romney Care – Mitch Romney has Massachusettes forcing companies to have health care for all of its workers– watch your taxes go up!

6. Hillary Clinton, Space Cadet? – Hillary Clinton uses her dreams to highlight her ideals, but it just shows that she’s never been able to attain what she’s longed for.

7. Senators Take Position In Advance of Marriage Amendment Vote – The Senators went on record before the vote trying to find a good line to feed the people about why they were not voting for a popular amendment.

8. Showdown over judges back on Senate Agenda – It must be getting close to election time, because the senate is out to make Senator Schumer look bad to increase Republican turnout.

9. Star Wars Creator becomes storm trooper – George Lucas was made into a Storm Trooper action figure.

10. Somebody Needs to Go Directly to Jail for This – Toy Maker Hasboro is planning to drop Atlantic City from Monopoly in upcoming production.

11. Darryl Peebles – A man looks up himself in Google and is surprised to find that there’s another person who bears more similarities than just his name.

12. Thank Your.. Uh…Mother. – Mothers are more important than most want to think

13. The iPod that lets you roll with it – Music player in a Toilet Paper Dispenser?

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12 thoughts on “Thirteen Links to Posts that Never Were

  1. Ok, the Damean thing is weird (#2)… but it just shows their ignorance. The Bible says 666, not 06-06-2006.

    What a ploy to make news… and besides… that poor kid!

    cool list, mr. minthegap

    happy Thursday!

  2. I don’t get the ipod / toliet paper thing. a mother would never invent that- just one more thing to mess with. who has time??

  3. I have so many entries in queue … well, I won’t even tell you how many, it’s that embarrassing. Sometimes I wonder if my blog is turning into “everything EXCEPT about me” column. lol

    Happy TT!

  4. Those would have been some interesting posts…that’s too bad you didn’t get to write them.

    Anyhow, thanks for stopping by my TT!

  5. Interesting list of posts that never were. I have a lot of those myself, but never made a T13 about it. The toilet paper iPod got me. It shocked me the first time I heard someone talking on the cell phone in a toilet stall, listening to an iPod is another story altogether. But I guess it’s not a far stretch from in-bathroom reading. I guess.

    Thank you for stopping by my T13. I am actually due on March 2, so my baby could be born late Feb or early March depending on if it’s early or late. Congrats to you and your wife on #3!

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