April 12, 2024

What I’m Reading – 4-24-2020

What a crazy world we live in with everything constantly moving. Hopefully you’re keeping moving in this quarantine. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to spell that q word without the help of spell check…

How does Nancy Pelosi get away with blocking desperately needed aid?
Byron York makes the argument that Pelosi is bearing no blame for causing some small businesses to go out of business during this pandemic, and she’s using people as political pawns, but no one in the media seems to care. That’s why Trump’s Nancy Antoinette ad is so effective!

“When you add $600 to the national average unemployment payment… the replacement rate goes from 38 percent to almost exactly 100 percent.”
I definitely feel the problem that small businesses are going through. As more people around me are furloughed and getting paid by the government it amounts to a government paid vacation that doesn’t go against your work-based vacation time and, for some people, is as much or more than they were making while they were working. At least at this point, they also have a job to go back to.

Why “calling the police” doesn’t work
I’m sure not all police departments are as compromised, but what the past few years have definitely showed us is that there is much more trafficking and child issues than we ever thought possible from people that are supposed to be of the highest moral caliber.

John Solomon Stands By His Claim: John Durham Indictments Coming Soon…
I’ve heard this one before. Still no indictments. Someone should have a counter keeping track the number of days…

Tucker Carlson Questions The Wisdom of The Lock-down Approach…
Sundance asks the important question– why are supermarkets able to keep open and everything’s ok but other businesses are not able to do this? Shouldn’t other business be able to take precautions like those the supermarkets are doing and stay open?

What a Crisis Does to Relationships and Organizations
“One thing that a crisis does, though, is magnify reality, what is wrong and right in our teams, relationships, and organizations.”

10 Ministry Idols Being Exposed by COVID-19
I’m not sure about #3. I’m told that you can never have too many meetings.

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