May 24, 2024

Daily Data Dump

I read a whole lot more in a day than I have time to write a post. This means that there’s a lot of post ideas that go unwritten, or maybe things are more current than I have time to write. So here I’ll post some of the interesting articles with a snippet about them, and you can see if any interest you as well.

Joe Rogan Is Already Calling It: Trump Beats Biden or Harris in a Rematch 100%

Of course this assumes things are as they are now. With a Republican House and Senate in 2022, Biden could try to come out as a moderate a la Bill Clinton. Trump is still pretty toxic and I fear things would have to get much worse for people to choose him. Better shot of Dems sitting home. Can we make sure the voting system is fixed by then?

“The simplest explanation is that Biden simply lied. But there is that possibility that Biden genuinely does not remember what his military advisors recommended a few months ago…”

This short post asks an important question– if he didn’t lie, and his military advisers say they told him, does this mean that the media can start asking just how good his memory is?

Milley Blows up Some Biden/Democratic Narratives and Makes a Big Admission

Biden blames Trump for the pull out, but fails to mention that Trump had made a deal, and the Taliban had failed to live up to their end of the bargain. There was no reason that Biden had to keep to our end– that’s all on him.

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