April 14, 2021

Britain’s Youngest Mom

Britian's Youngest MomHere’s a mixed bag if ever there was one. A girl aged 11 is due to become Britain’s youngest mom.

The girl smokes 20 cigarettes a day despite being eight months’ pregnant. She conceived aged 11 when she lost her virginity to a boy of 15 on a drunken night out with friends.

The 15-year-old has since been charged with rape by police, and is due to appear again at Edinburgh sheriff court on July 10.

Her 34-year-old mother, who gave birth to her youngest child eight months ago, said she was ‘proud’ of her daughter.

She will be 12 years and 8 months when she has the child next month. Jenny Teague, Britain’s youngest mother until now, was a month older when she gave birth in 1997.

She doesn’t believe in abortion, but at the same time would not be up for giving the baby for adoption. She’s excited about being a mom, but cries thinking about not being able to change or bathe the baby.

And then there’s statement about her mom always being at her side. Hello?! Where was her mother when she was smoking, drinking, and getting into this trouble in the first place? Why is a girl at age 11 in this perdicament? Why isn’t that mother more involved?

I’m glad she’s keeping the baby and all, but I’m scared to think that this is the world that my kids will be growing up in– a world where parents think that parenting means being their children’s friend and they aren’t willing to set boundaries and teach right and wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Britain’s Youngest Mom

  1. Oh goodness! I hope she lives through the delivery! Seriously where WAS her mother when she was out getting drunk and pregnant at 11! My eleven year old would not even be allowed to go out alone! HAHA… *wondering where the chastity belt is*
    I guess from the story that the mother is not married, and having been pregnant a little while ago, she was probably off with that man herself… What walks in parents runs in kids!

    At least she is keeping the baby, but I wonder what she means by “not being able to change or bathe the baby”? Is her mom gonna have to do it?

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  2. You’re certainly right about the fact that sin seems to intensify in the children.

    She must think that she will not have the time or maybe the strength, to be able to take care of the baby? I don’t know.

  3. Wow! This is really hard to believe. The youngest person I know in person was 13 when she had her 1st child. When I was 11 I would never have even thought about having sex, I was still nervous around boys. Some women these days were just not meant to have kids (talking about the girls mother of course).

  4. i agree 11 is young but am 17 an have 2 kids i had my first wen i was 13 and my second last saturday an i wouldnt change them for anything

    1. That’s the neat thing about kids, and part of the tragedy of abortion. Very few people would ever say that they wish that they didn’t have the children that they have, and why would they? Children are blessings!

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