May 20, 2024

The Passion of the Christ

English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival
English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s interesting to read about Mel Gibson’s movie. It coincides with some evidence I have been reading about the Bible and its veracity. I have been thinking a lot about the times of the writings of the Scriptures– what was going on, what they were doing, the structure.

What would have it been like to witness a crucifixion? How about Jesus crucifixion? Is it any wonder that 3,000 men came to Christ when Peter preached? These people would have probably been witnesses to this gruesome sight, and then come to find that He had risen!

I can’t image that there will be a dry eye in the place next Wednesday– if one can stand the horror of what happened. Yet how easily it escapes us as just another fact that Christ paid the ultimate price for us. What should that do to us, to know we caused His death because of our sin?

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