April 22, 2021

True Leadership

I have been reading through “The Complete Husband” as part of trying to strengthen my marriage.  Near the end of the book, the author speaks about being a Spiritual leader in the home.  What’s striking is how different it is from leaders that are in our daily lives.

Christ’s command is that leaders be servants.  His example was washing the disciple’s feet before the last supper.  He made statements like he who is first shall be last and vice versa. From President down to husband, Christ’s directive was that leaders should be servants first and foremost.

This would rectify power corrupting of a leader were a servant, more than playing the servant.  A Presidential candidate plays the servant when he kisses babies, shakes hands, and goes on listening tours, but then after elected does whatever he wants.  That’s why there’s so much contempt for government.  In every case where it seems a given person plays the hypocrite with people, there is distrust and hurt.

The leader whose true motives are the people that he leads will, first and foremost, be their servant.

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