April 13, 2024

Christian Tolerance

Bible and Cross Fox News reported this:

JERUSALEM — Orthodox Jews have burned hundreds of New Testaments in the latest act of violence against Christian missionaries in Israel.

Uzi Aharon, the deputy mayor of the central Israeli town of Or Yehuda, says he got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday and urged people to turn over hundreds of New Testaments and missionary material recently distributed by missionaries.

The books were dumped into a pile and religious students set them afire in a lot near a synagogue, he said.

The Maariv newspaper reported Tuesday that hundreds of students took part in the book-burning.

Rob’s commentary on this hits the nail on the head, as it were:

[W]hat caught my attention is the fact that there were no mass riots reported across Christendom.  No raging protesters marching in the streets waving placards demanding that the perpetrators of this sacrilege should be burned at the stake.  No calls from Western governments for the destruction of Israel as a consequence of this horrific insult to Christianity, the Apostles, and St. Paul.  No rioters rampaging through Rome, Ramstein, Rzeszow, Hrodna, Rouen, East Rutherford, Richmond, or Little Rock demanding the insult be avenged.

Dogma aside, there is a fundamental difference between the intolerant dictates of Islam, and Christians’ approach toward our fellow man. It is a difference well worth keeping in mind.  [E]specially by those on the Left who are themselves pretty consistently intolerant.

This is one of the things that truly differentiates us, and goes to the heart of the Christian message versus that of other fundamental religions1.  Biblical Christianity sees people as sinners in need of a Savior, but seeks to bring people to the Savior through preaching.  It tells us not to judge those that are unsaved, and to pay deference to those who are but choose to do things in Christian liberty that we view as wrong (in the case of personal preference).

No Christians revolted with the Bibles being burned because our God is not the Bible, but the Creator God who is bigger than those that burned them.

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  1. Exception made for Fred Phelps and company. []

4 thoughts on “Christian Tolerance

  1. Blessed are the persecuted. Honestly, I’m glad to see it’s no longer Christians who are persecuting Jews. We are servants to the Jews, as they were God’s chosen before the Gentiles ever were. It breaks my heart that Orthodox Jews have such a hard time seeing that Yeshua is the Meshiac prophesied in the Tenach.

    AGs last blog post..My birthday!

  2. Somehow I don’t think the Christian response would have been so carefree had the burners been a group of atheists, feminists, or homosexuals. The AFA would have sent out an email blitz within minutes attempting to boycott something.

    Musicguys last blog post..Currently Reading

  3. @Musicguy: Some supporting evidence here would be nice. I will grant you that e-mails probably would have flown around, but I doubt you’d see anything like the riots over the Muslim comic. And a boycott is a much different animal.

  4. My guess is that many Christians went to war on this one; but our wars are fought on the spiritual front. My first response to this was to pray; for the people who destroyed the Bibles, for the people who think we act as cowards when we turn the other cheek, and for Christians everywhere who have someone in their lives to witness to. I, like AG, feel so sad that Jewish people continue to reject their Savior. What a day it will be when practicing Jews recognize Him for Who He is!

    alicias last blog post..Fro Me to You–Twins Edition

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