August 19, 2022

Authority of Christ

Español: Intercambio de anillos entre los novios
Español: Intercambio de anillos entre los novios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past weekend we were over watching the movie Time Changers and it reminded me about separating the authority of Christ from moral discussions. In the last post, I talked about homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Since then, hundreds of gay couples have lined up and / or gotten married in San Fransisco. When discussing this with a coworker, he ruled religion out of the conversation, and basically said that if an act doesn’t harm someone else, then we should be free to do it.

But should we? Certainly sin has a way of spreading, and encouraging deviant behavior, be it homosexuality or any other such behavior, cannot be good for anyone. This is not the starting point, but the continuing of making sin acceptable.

If we look back in history, we can quickly see the effect of sin on a culture that did not reign it in or follow God’s laws. The entire Old Testament record of time shows God using one empire against another to keep them in line. We can see Noah’s flood keeping only 8 alive. We see Sodom and Gomorrah punished with fire.

One sits and wonders what will become of America– how is it that this “great” superpower isn’t mentioned in the end times? Is it that we would have been judged for how far we have gone away from God? Is that a big enough effect on everyone else to warrant our attention to keep God’s laws?

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