March 2, 2024

All 50 States Have Petitions to Secede From The Union

While only seven states have reach 25,000 signatures—the number necessary to get the White House to respond—all 50 states have petitions asking the White House to let their state secede from the Union for a total of 675,000 so far.

Logically, the popular vote at this last election was split, with many millions casting votes for Gov. Romney, so it’s not hard to imagine that they could get a lot of petitions signed.

While I’m not sure that this will result in anything more than a publicity stunt, what I do see is that each side is increasingly viewing the other side as the “end of America as we know it” and as we become more polarized and the opposing party becomes more vilified, I can easily see a case where the possibility of a revolution could happen.

Just look at any one of the electoral maps, and it’s pretty obvious that we could become at least two different nations.  One Russian political scientist thought six.

Would this be bad?  For those that believe that America must survive as it is don’t realize that we’re about to change to 51 states, since Puerto Rico approved statehood—so we are going to change.  Why should change only be adding states, why can’t we subtract as well.

It may be high time that Christians in the United States start to seriously consider that we are not tied to the USA.  While the USA was founded on Christian traditions and still is a Christian nation, the majority of the people in it no longer hold to Christian values or see them as important.  The secularists are taking over this nation, indoctrinating our children, and foisting socialism on us.

At some point, reasonable men realize that if they have too many differences, it ceases to be a strength, and those that love freedom begin to yearn to breathe free.  Sometimes this means separation.

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