May 18, 2024

The Trump Hush Money Case Is the Weakest Criminal Case

At this point, does anyone truly believe that there’s anything to this trial? Sure, we got gossip, tawdry details, and more drama than the average soap opera:

  • Trump’s press conferences
  • Will they jail him or not?
  • Seedy people surrounding celebrities

The list goes on. The following was posted before the trial began, and it’s still relevant:

Donald Trump is about to face trial for conduct that happened eight years ago; if you have kids in college now, they may have been in elementary school when it all went down.


The crime is a paperwork offense relating to how Trump and his businesses logged a series of perfectly legal (if unseemly) hush-money payments in their own internal records

The prosecution’s star witness is a convicted perjurer and fraudster who openly spews vitriol at the defendant, often in grotesque terms, essentially for a living

The famously aggressive feds at the Southern District of New York passed on the case years ago, and current Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg’s predecessor could have indicted [Trump] before he left office but did not

The charges are either misdemeanors or the lowest-level felonies (depending on how the jury decides the case), and the vast majority of defendants convicted of similar offenses are sentenced to probation and fines, not prison.

Even CNN Legal Analyst Incredulously Wrecks ‘Weakness’ of Unprecedented Criminal Case Against Trump

This case is the biggest gift to Trump in so many ways– even if they try to jail him. I don’t know why they thought this was a good idea.

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