April 16, 2024

Tested in the First 6 Months?


Do you believe believe Sen. Joe Biden?  He claimed, at a recent campaign stop, that a Pres. Barak Obama would be tested within six months of his inauguration.

Was this supposed to inspire confidence?

Say what you will about Pres. George W. Bush, but we’ve had no terrorist attacks on our soil since Sept. 11, 2001, and Libya did back off its nuclear ambitions because they knew that he was not afraid to use force.

I believe that part of the reason that Iran’s leader is willing to continue to flirt with nuclear weapons is a direct result of the fact of who they believe will be President in 2009, and this may be the test Sen. Biden is referring to.

The funny thing is, Sen. McCain has a good response to this, but it’s probably too late for it to make a difference:

McCain recalled being ready to launch a bombing run during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which Biden said over the weekend tested a new President John F. Kennedy and was the template for the kind of “generated crisis” the 47-year-old Obama would face within six months of taking office.

“I was on board the USS Enterprise,” McCain, a former naval aviator, said in the capital city of Harrisburg. “I sat in the cockpit, on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise, off of Cuba. I had a target. My friends, you know how close we came to a nuclear war.”

As the crowd of several thousand began to swell with cheers and applause, he added with dramatic effect: “America will not have a president who needs to be tested. I’ve been tested, my friends.”

When it comes to foreign policy and keeping us safe, I have to say that I’d feel a whole lot safer with Sen. McCain in the Oval Office than Sen. Obama.  I think he’d be too tempted to sit back and think about it when we need decisive action.

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