February 21, 2024

Trump’s Trials Get Shuffled

Trying the former President of the United States was never going to be easy– and that’s partly because our court system is set up to protect the innocent. If the person on trial has money, then it’s even easier to drag things out.

Former President Trump’s cases have been used to great effect to replace his influence on Twitter by keeping Trump constantly in the news. If you’re for him, then every twist and turn (whether in his favor or not) serves to reinforce your belief that the system is rigged against him. If you’re against him, then he’s just about to get his due, and he’s evilly using the court system in his favor– unjust judges or judges he picked, etc.

Take, for instance, what happened this previous week, when the scheduled court date (March 4) was removed from the Jan 6 trial. Back when the US Court of Appeals accepted the case of whether Trump had immunity when he was in office, everyone was predicting that the March 4th date would not hold because it would take time to hear the case. That didn’t stop the media from going crazy when the date was removed because the lower court judge didn’t know when she’d get the case back.

So instead of hearing evidence about efforts to block a U.S. election or improperly keep highly classified U.S. secrets, the first jury to weigh alleged crimes by Trump as he again runs for president could be focused on sordid allegations of a long-ago sexual encounter with an adult-film star….

Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice, said the prospect of the New York case being Trump’s first criminal trial “is somewhat of a worst-case scenario for prosecutors,” because it is a novel use of the law in a high-profile, politically sensitive matter. 

“The ‘runt’ of Trump cases now likely to be his first criminal trial/A trial about 2016 hush money will be the first criminal charges to test Trump in 2024” (WaPo). hat tip, Althouse

And back when this trial was the first trial, everyone was saying that this was the weakest, and was rushed so that they could get the first indictment out of the way– and how that prosecutor wanted fame of being the first, but would probably rather it go away because he might lose.

In fact, all these cases look to have issues:

  • The Stormy Daniels trial – novel approach
  • The Trump Business Civil Case – no one is known to be injured, likely overturned on appeal
  • Jan 6 case – delayed waiting issues of Presidential immunity
  • Jan 6 case in GA – DA caught in extramarital scandal and potential misuse of funds
  • Document case – Pres. Biden about to be exposed his documents, concerns about timing and filing

And some of these could just disappear completely if Trump wins back the White House. Oh the drama.

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