June 13, 2024

Man Has Always Wanted to Be God

What could possibly tempt the perfect man and woman, people who had everything?

In a society with the benefits of technology in 2023, we know that there’s always a desire for more– bigger, better, and faster. And if we didn’t know that, there are plenty of people ready to tell us what we do not have and need.

But at the beginning of time, the first man and woman had everything in the garden. They talked with their creator, they enjoyed everything that was made for them, and yet there was something that they wanted more– to be like God.

This was the first instance of the same plague that we have today in Modern America where you can have amazing things– to declare your own identity in the face of truth and force others to agree with this evaluation of self.

This thing that many think is new, is just a replay of the same story down through the ages– man trying to be God for himself, designing a god after his own making and beliefs, and ascribing to one-self the attributes of the creator. Abortion was also this same strain, wanting to control someone else’s life or death, but this goes further into trying to tell others that you are what you are not.

It’s no wonder that the left is pushing this philosophy:

But trans people need more from [Pres. Biden] and the party he represents…. Courageous red-state Democrats could help forge a new consensus for their party. In doing so, they can help the party meet national voters where they seem to be…. Sixty-four percent of American adults favor laws that protect trans people from some discrimination in housing, work, and in public spaces…. [t]hough 60 percent also believe a person’s gender is determined by sex at birth…. Democrats can defend trans rights as a matter of principle, but also to win votes. They need not fear wokeness. They can tell voters the truth: The real threat to America comes not from trans people but from the right.

“Biden once called ‘transgender equality’ the ‘civil-rights issue of our time’… He’s also called Florida’s anti-trans policies ‘close to sinful’…”

And I find it funny to think that this writer wants to “tell voters the truth”, not about transgenderism and the cult of identity, but that there’s a political entity that wants to promote reality.

And I say good. I hope they do embrace this and that the people of this country will see what is truly going on. May their eyes be opened so they can turn and repent, or remain closed so that the Gospel may be proclaimed and many will be saved. May God get the glory either way.

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