March 4, 2024

The End of the Petro Dollar

While there may be some disagreement as to what it means, the moves by the eastern countries of Russia, China, and those of the Middle East to start selling oil in other currencies than dollars are definitely something to take note of.

[Tucker] Carlson [was] joined by Luke Gromen who accurately notes the dollar as a global trade currency may continue, but foreign nations holding U.S. treasury bonds as an asset will likely start contracting.  The result of U.S. treasury bonds returning after maturity with no repurchase, would be an inability of the U.S. to borrow against their sale. This could, perhaps likely will, severely diminish the amount of money the U.S. congress can spend.  WATCH:

Tucker Carlson Outlines the Ramification of Trillions in U.S. Treasury Bonds No Longer Needed as Global Securities

This, of course, was bound to happen sooner or later. After all, many countries have tried before to break the control that the United States empire has had over the world with the money and sanctions that it laid upon countries. All it was going to take was countries with big enough stockpiles of money and natural resources– and no fear of retribution. The war in Ukraine is showing the US weak on the world stage.

It’s already over, and every single day, we’re seeing more countries taking steps to free themselves of the economic chains imposed by the petrodollar. The key, as the Tree of Woe repeatedly points out, is that the decline of the US military combined with the rise of the Chinese and Russian militaries, means that the nations of the world are free agents for the first time in seven decades.

Contemplating De-dollarization

This is the outcome of our foreign wars and our meddling overseas. We are reaping decades of globalization and “free trade”. We are paying the price of our dependence– and while other countries have been becoming more self-sufficient, we have been sending our manufacturing and money overseas and importing the world’s people.

We’re already seeing the first groups of people looking to move into this new block:

About 300 German residents are ready to move to the Nizhny Novgorod region. By the end of 2023, this number of applicants can reach 1,000 people, said Olga Guseva, director of the department of external relations of the region. According to her, such activity is due to the fact that Germans see great potential in cooperation with the Nizhny Novgorod region in the automotive industry, construction, infrastructure development .Most of the people who want to relocate are specialists in the field of metalworking: welders, machine operators, technologists, as well as shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

Explain it Like I’m Five

Many often wonder why the United States is not a big player in the book of Revelations. They’ve wondered how such a great nation with so much power isn’t even in view– is it nuclear weapons or what? How do Russia and Iran get to be powerful people– powerful enough to possibly attack Israel. Well… the chess pieces are moving into place for what may be the final set of moves before the end.

Make sure your soul and your family are ready.

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