May 19, 2024

Was it the Heat, or was it the Vaccine?

The state has instead dealt with the issue haphazardly, mostly by shuffling the elderly incarcerated to detention centers that are air-conditioned, and, supposedly, by distributing water. Inmates and their advocates have compared the conditions to torture. The Texas Tribune reported that in the past few weeks there has been an unusual spate of prisoners dying of cardiac arrest or of undetermined causes.

“How Much Hotter Can Texas Get?” (The New Yorker) via “Scandalously… seventy per cent of the state’s prisons do not have air-conditioning in living areas. The temperature inside those enclosed, often windowless spaces…”

Man, I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but a 35-year-old dying while mowing the lawn? “[C]ardiac arrest or of undetermined causes” makes me wonder if all of the inmates got the COVID-19 vaccine… no?

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