April 18, 2024

Nuclear Power Is The Way to Cleaner Power

We will know that those that follow a green agenda are serious when we start to see fewer private airline flights and a substantial backing of nuclear energy. Today’s modern nuclear energy is made more efficiently with less waste than at any time in our world’s history. Most of the waste is now able to be reprocessed, and the reactors we are using to power our naval ships are tremendously safe.

Yet our leaders still position nuclear as dangerous and point to Chernobyl and other accidents as reasons why we should not have those reactors. Instead, they press us for solar and wind which, while clean, are far less efficient and require batteries and great conditions.

Other countries have taken up the nuclear banner with much success, and we’ll know that our leaders are serious when they do as well. Otherwise, it seems that all our leaders want is control of the people:

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