April 16, 2024

Maybe It Is Aliens?!

U.S. shoots down China’s spy balloon over Atlantic Ocean

Is that the best we have, with more of these balloons or other shapes in the air, that we suspect that it might be aliens?!

The UFOs not being balloons would be crazy enough, but things get even weirder when you hear a top US general admit that we don’t even know what is keeping these objects in the air. I’d think they did ample recon on whatever it was before shooting it down, including taking detailed pictures. I’d also think that the US military has the capability to identify pretty much anything China or another nation could throw at us.

So maybe it is aliens?

Pentagon Confirms Shot-Down Objects Aren’t Balloons, Makes an Even Weirder Admission

I mean, it’s interesting that our government wants us to entertain the idea and let the media run wild with speculation that it could be aliens, but since we hear that Biden Team is giving private assurances that it’s not aliens, it would seem that they don’t mind the conversation happening– probably because it deflects from whatever the true nature of these flying objects is. And that is a little concerning is it not?

Why is our government hiding the true nature of whatever is going on, claiming the pilots don’t know the propulsion systems of these floating objects and hiding the nature from the public? At what point will they come out with an official story?

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