March 4, 2024

Seeing the Generational View

I’ve often wondered what it must have been like to have the long lifespans we see recorded in the book of Genesis. Could you see multiple generations of your children, and be involved in charting a course of life for your own country? Would sin cause you to veer off with the power that you would have, or could you ultimately channel that for good across the centuries of your life?

In the United States, many of our structures are only a couple of centuries old, but when I was over in Europe, it was not uncommon to be able to visit places that were multiple centuries old– and you can see even more in the Middle East. Peoples with a long view of history know that there are cycles and things change. People with a view toward Revelation know that the powers that be today may not even be players in the end.

That’s why we are not surprised to see people start to talk earnestly about the end of the American Empire. Try as we might, no one can clearly identify an American influence or presence in the book of the Revelations of Jesus Christ. It may be that it’s lumped in with the countries of Europe. It may be that it’s just not something that was on John’s mind or he didn’t know how to represent it. However, the eastern countries are expecting a resurgence, so the probability that the US becomes a colony, is broken up into smaller nations that aren’t world players, or worse, is still a possibility.

All Asian powers in general feel that the world is going through a very important period of development, and the international system is going through a moment of transformation. This transformation is occurring in favor of the Asian powers in general, i.e., China first and foremost, and the main Asian states such as Russia, India, Iran and Turkey. These forces feel that they are witnessing a historical turning point in which they are regaining their civilizational weight and influence on the world which had been lost during the past 500 years.

These (Asian) states are still witnessing disparities, rivalries, and disagreements among them, the frameworks of cooperation between them are still developing and have not yet been crystalized, and part of these main (Asian) forces still have partnerships with the West and we know that. However, all of these states share a feeling that this world is becoming more pluralistic and balanced, and that they are facing a very great historical moment that they can seize to take away from the West a part of its domination and hegemony over them, whose (consequences) were at expense of them and their people.

‘Today Asia feels it can regain its civilizational weight lost for 500 years’: Lebanese academic via Revenge for 500 years

How do you view the book of Revelation? Do you think that we could be seeing the beginning of the final chapter of this world?

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