May 27, 2024

As a Person and As a Prince

In order to know how to evade his plight, David looked at it the plight in two different ways– as a person and as a prince.

As a person, David clung to the fact that God was merciful, compassionate and just. His unchanging nature condemned David when he was in sin . David could cling to that nature when he was in trouble.David knew that if he put his faith in the Lord, if He trusted in God alone, God would have to get the glory and God would take care of him.

We were created to glorify God. Man, through choosing to take of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, chose to be as gods and exalt themselves. This has been what is out of whack since the beginning– as God the Creator / Owner / Sustainer of all life has sought the glory rightfully His and we have sought our own glory. Too often this is the reason that we miss God’s will– because we’re more concerned about ourselves than we are about God getting glory. So God has to take us to a place where we can do nothing but glorify Him.

David was also the king of Israel though, and plead that God would save Israel from the rebels. David knew that Israel was God’s chosen people, and that God would want them to walk in the right. He also knew what value God’s selected king had. He had vowed not to touch Saul as he was being pursued by him across the countryside. He would not touch the Lord’s anointed.

Now he was the one being chased.

David plead because of his own wrongdoing and the impact that it was having on God’s people. There are times when the consequences of what we do effects those whom the Lord has entrusted us to take care of– be they our families, our jobs, etc. The problem is that the sin that we sowed to reap the problem is sometimes worse in the people under our influence. David shows us that we need to cry out to God as the solution and ask him to redeem those whom we have caused to go astray.

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