February 21, 2024

Is This The Beginning of the End of the EU?

Euro Bills by Tax CreditsVox Day believes so:

I strongly suspect we are witnessing the slow unwinding of first the Euro, then the European Union. As untenable as the Euro now is, the EU is even worse off due to its immigration policies that nearly everyone except the EU Commission, the media, and the invaders hate.  – Holiday

Why?  It has to do with the fact that the EU is propping up Greece because of bonds it sold:

The Greek situation actually had nothing to do with helping Greece. Forget about Greece’s debt issues, or protests, or even the political decisions… the real story was that the bailouts were all about insuring that the EU banks that were using Greek bonds as collateral were kept whole by any means possible. – Phoenix Capital Research

What remains to be seen is what will happen to the US based on what happens in the EU, should the EU start to unravel.

Image: Euro Bills by Tax Credits

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