June 21, 2024

To Him, It’s All About Race

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In some areas of the country, people treat others the same regardless of their skin.  However, in what’s become the new norm, reverse racism is being applied from the highest office in the land without knowing all the details.

If we were to place catchphrases on each phase of the Obama Presidency, we’d start with “I didn’t do it” phase, and now we’re clearly in the “I don’t know” phase.

When asked about specifics when it comes to the health care plan being debated by the House which the President was championing, the President stated that he didn’t know what was in the bill.  When asked about a recent incident that happened between a friend of his and the police, he said he didn’t know the facts, but again made a judgment call.

The facts are these:

  • President Obama’s friend came back from a trip and was having trouble getting into his house.
  • A neighbor saw that there were people trying to break into a house, so she called the police.
  • The police showed up on scene, asked for identification, which the man did not provide.
  • The man was arrested, but after it was proven that he owned the house, he was released without any charges.

The fact that the arresting officer was white and the friend was black is what is causing all of the stir.

Let’s overlook, for a moment, that the arresting officer is a man who teaches a class on how to avoid racial profiling.  Or even the fact that Bill Cosby has said the President should have kept his mouth shut about what happened until he had the facts.  Or even that the White House is now back peddling the President’s remarks.

As the officer is stated as saying, any one of us might have done the same thing, if a friend of theirs had been arrested by the police.  However, President Obama is not the rest of us.  Just like I thought it was wrong for him to make comments directed toward celebrities early in his Administration, I think he should have steered clear of this local affair.  He could have easily told the questioner that he wanted to wait until he had all of the facts before making a comment.

And as far as the comment about unfair treatment of black individuals by police—every police officer that is aggressive to a person because of his color should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  However, if a black person is guilty of a crime, it shouldn’t be harder to catch him simply because of his skin color.

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2 thoughts on “To Him, It’s All About Race

  1. I enjoy your blog site. You have some interesting topics for discussion. Personally, I feel that Gates was out of line, and that Obama should have kept his mouth shut. The officer did his job, appropriately I might add, just as he was taught to do. I’d love to ask Gates what his reaction would have been if someone else broke into his house, and the cops didn’t ask the perpetrator for ID!

  2. President Obama shouldn’t have interfered, because Gates and the arresting officer are offering differing versions of the incident. It means one of them is lying. I don’t much doubt what happened, but officially speaking, it needs to be proven exactly what happened minute for minute, before anyone – including the President – starts assigning blame.

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