June 20, 2024

The Evangelical Christian and the GOP

vote-header.jpgIn Gina Loudon’s recent article, 3 simple steps to a conservative in the White House, the author lists items that I have been considering for a while:

The elections in 2016 can be won by the right using three simple tactics:

1) The Christian vote: Only 50 percent of those who warm the church pews actually even vote in the general elections. The numbers for women who attend church and vote are even more abysmal. If every churchgoer who does vote brought one churchgoer who doesn’t vote, the election would be wrapped up for the right. This tactic would have even more impact in a primary.

2) Conservatives rally behind one candidate: Before Iowa, conservatives need to have a coordinated strategy to decide on one candidate, or they will get whomever the D.C. elite decides to hand them.

3) Eliminate voter fraud: After deciding on the candidate, and committing to get churches to vote, conservatives should dedicate the rest of their efforts to eliminating voter fraud and opposing motor voter, same-day registration and voting (California has this), and voting without ID laws in their state.

I would argue that in the last two elections the GOP underestimated the reaction to the top-level candidates in their Christian base and that led to either “hold my nose and vote” or not voting at all.  In the last Presidential election, many had to struggle with the question of whether to vote for a Mormon for President.  Many evangelical leaders came out in support of Gov. Mitt Romney, but many more had discussions about him and his beliefs, and I’m sure many went third party that might have otherwise voted for him.

The question is, what side will the GOP take in outpourings of the cultural war against Christians?  Whether it’s the current crisis from Gossip Magazines to the possible Supreme Court rulings and the aftermath.  If the GOP keep taking their base for granted, they will soon see that they will have a very difficult time ever getting back the White House.

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