March 4, 2024

If Obama Didn’t Fulfill Promises, Does that mean He Should Lose?

In 2007, then candidate Obama won the election because he promised many things.  He talked about cutting the deficit, and how he would deal with a looming economic crisis.

When he became President, Obama told the country that we had to enact his stimulus programs, or else we would fall into a Great Depression. He also promised that with his programs we would not see below 8% unemployment.  Real unemployment, when you take into account the people that have stopped looking, is in the teens.

Is this enough to warrant someone else being President?

Listening to this clip, one would think the President agrees:

He claimed that if he didn’t turn the economy around, that he would be faced with a “one term proposition”.

Gov. Romney is eager to take him up on this, laying out how he will succeed where the President failed:

Personally, I think that both were too bold.

I was not a supporter of Obama in 2008, and I won’t be in 2012.  That being the case, when he won I was sure it wouldn’t be as bad as the Republican mouthpieces thought it would, because there would be resistance.

While I didn’t think Obamacare would get through, and it did, President Obama was not able to accomplish all the “terrible” things that we were told he would by the hand-wringers before the 2008 election.

That’s part of the reason why I don’t know that Romney’s promises can come true for the other side either.  One should take to heart that if one makes a case that a politician should be kept to his word, that he should respect the promises he makes.

Is Romney willing to go there?

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