May 27, 2024

The Rise of Secular Humanism

Dark Waves

Few things happen in an instance, and like the frog that is cooked by slowly bringing the water to a boil, what we see around us today is not the result of something imposed by our current leaders or from without, but from a careful, slow movement from within.

No, I’m not speaking of conspiracy theories, or trying to frighten, but to bring to the forefront what many of you have already felt—the steady march of this country from Biblical Christianity towards Secular Humanism.

Multiple Fronts

Anyone paying attention can see the cultural war taking place on the political front:

  • Removal of the Ten Commandments from School
  • No more school prayer.
  • Removal of God from speeches at the end of the year by students.
  • Removal of the Ten Commandments from Court Houses.
  • etc.

The thing is that this war’s most successful battles have been occurring elsewhere, setting the stage for the anti-biblical laws and decisions that have been taking place.

Liberalism in the churches is one of the primary fronts against Biblical Christianity.  Liberalism holds as virtue that which we would consider heresy—namely, allowing “science”, “reason” and other man made designs to reinterpret or supplant Biblical teaching.  Now, by quoting science and reason I’m not saying that we do not use either in furtherance of our understanding of Christian teachings.  These terms are no longer neutral.

Just as the rainbow has been coopted by those that would pursue parity between homosexual and heterosexual relations, science and reason have been coopted by those that are as militant in their atheism and secular humanism as the Taliban is militant in their Islam.

Liberalism has invaded the church, watering down or replacing its doctrines.  J. Gresham Machen, in his address “Liberalism or Christianity?” stated it this way:

“The chief modern rival of Christianity is ‘liberalism,’” Machen asserted. “Modern liberalism, then, has lost sight of the two great presuppositions of the Christian message — the living God and the fact of sin,” he argued. “The liberal doctrine of God and the liberal doctrine of man are both diametrically opposite to the Christian view. But the divergence concerns not only the presuppositions of the message, but also the message itself.”

The Coming Battle

What seems obvious to anyone that is paying attention is that we are becoming a fractured country, just as we are becoming fractured in our churches.  We are quickly getting to a point where we refuse to consider the other person’s point of view, and we begin to hold policy decisions to the point that some held church doctrine.  We have started viewing people with other positions as not just wrong, but evil or stupid, depending on the person.

A country or church is held together by people of like views pushing for a common vision.  When that people starts to diverge, they have trouble coexisting and will eventually fracture, forming bonds that do tie people together.

In the government, this was supposed to be handled by having independent states that could implement law the way they wanted.  If a state wanted to be Quaker, it could be.  If a state wanted to have same sex marriage, it could have it.  If a state wanted state-wide health care, it could have that too.  All of this they could have without imposing their view on another state, and if you decided you did not want what the rest wanted, you could move.

With the increasing power of the Federal Government, what we’re finding is that you’re no longer allowed to have these distinctives.  The Federal Government is pushing a one-size-fits-all solution, and this will backfire.

There is peace while there is freedom, but with tyranny there will be war.

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