March 4, 2024

I Can’t Take Them Seriously

English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011
English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could understand the Democrats in Wisconsin doing everything they could to stop what they considered a bad bill—until they crossed the state line.  Elections have consequences, and that cuts both ways.  If the things that a given party or group does is something that’s unpopular, then that group will find itself out of office.

So, when the leader of the Senate Democrats decides that he wants to hang out on the state border to formally discuss a bill, I have to laugh.

I mean, seriously, where are they going to meet?  Lines between states are “imaginary”.  Those signs you drive by when you change states are a good guess, but how do you go about meeting on the highway?

It’s just silliness.

I cannot understand why the Democratic senators should get more because of the way they’ve behaved. What kind of an example will that set for the future? No one will accept the outcome of an election anymore. You don’t like what happened? Run away, storm the statehouse, make a cacophony of drum-beating and chants for weeks on end until you get your way. One of the chants has been “This is what democracy looks like.” Is that what we want democracy to look like in the future? No one ever accepts a loss? Instead of working toward the next election, you use any strategy you can think of to prevent the exercise of power by the representatives the people have chosen to run the government?  [The leader of the Senate Democrats hiding out in Illinois is seeking a face-to-face meeting with Gov. Scott Walker and the Senate GOP leader. – Ann Althouse]

What makes this more absurd is that there aren’t reporters that are in with these people, finding out where they are, what’s keeping them all together, and why they won’t just come back.  Do they not realize how bad they look?

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