April 13, 2024

Spend Some Time with Tozer

Mornings With TozerOne of my all time favorite authors is A.W. Tozer.  I was first introduced to him in college when I was given the assignment to read different entries in the Best of Tozer compilation works.  From there, I added him to my daily devotions, and it’s true what they say, he really does make you want to read your Bible more.

Mornings with Tozer is a devotional with excerpts from different writings and sermons from Tozer on a given topic formatted to be read each day of the year.  That means there’s 366 entries, just in case it’s a leap year.

Each day has a scripture passage, a comment and a short prayer at the end.

Tozer will challenge your beliefs.  He will cut to the heart of the issue like few I know can, and he will leave you wanting, yearning to know God better.

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