April 12, 2024

24 – Season 8


I don’t know how many of you follow the thriller, 24, but this season seems to be a little better than the last.  The last couple of episodes really have picked up the pace, and I’m excited to hear that Renee may eventually be getting back in the field.

Last Season?

I’ve heard rumblings that this is the last season of 24, but I don’t think it would have had to be.  The problem I see is threefold:

  • It’s hard to be as edgy because it’s hard to surprise people that are looking for surprises.
  • It’s hard to top what has come before in terms of suspense.
  • It’s hard to get attached to characters that we’ve only known for a few “hours.”

I mean, part of me watches 24 just to see how Chloe will die—or when.  Next to Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer and Tony Almeda, they’re the only characters that have been around a while.

They also have the handicap of having a lot of people heap political correctness on them in terms of torture and female Presidents.

What Would Be Interesting?

How about a shot of what it looks like to water-board someone (have the bad guys do it, if you must).  There’s been a lot of talk about it, it would be interesting to see it.

I’m not sure what else would be interesting because a lot of it has been done, or you need someone that you care about to be in harms way.  The people that I believe they’re trying to make you care about are really an annoying storyline right now.

What do you think?  Do you watch 24?  Have you stopped watching?  What would make it interesting for you?

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One thought on “24 – Season 8

  1. Well i disagree I thought last season was better but maybe that was becasue I knew the charactors! Still I knew the Ginger bird gets a gun and maybe she will die but she said she might have a part in the movie. Still we can bit hope

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