May 27, 2024

Loss of Innocence

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It used to be that some things were left private.  Discussed between parents and children at appropriate times, children were allowed to be children for as long as possible.

Today, however, we have a culture that exposed to and trained in private things long before they have ever been taught before.  I believe that sexual education and our sex saturated society go hand in hand to create monsters at younger ages.

The latest instance of this came in Phoenix, where a group of four boys, aged 9 to 14, took turns raping an 8-year old girl behind a shed for more than 10 minutes.

Now, ultimately the boys bear the blame for what happened.  They performed the acts, and they are responsible for what they’ve done.  But I can’t help but draw the conclusion that our society, culture and education system have created this problem.

How do children age 9 to 14 come to think of luring a girl in to physically abuse her in that way?  Yes, every generation has had bullies, and every generation has beat people up.  But it’s something new, and unique to our generation, to have children having so little regard for women/girls, and to plan to take advantage of a girl this young sexually.

Kids have to know about these things.  Whether it’s from their parents, from television, from school—you don’t just guess these things.  I would pin most of the blame on the 14-year-old, as I doubt the younger boys knew what they were doing, but I could be wrong about that as well.

What even is more striking is that, even in this article, the ads that are presented on the side of this site are:

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At what point do we say “enough” and decide that there are some things that are better for kids not to know?

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3 thoughts on “Loss of Innocence

  1. This is so sad, yet very true. The school I go to, rape and sexual assault is a regular thing and way too many people make light of it. Makes me question why I even go there still. 😕

  2. What is happening to our society? Kids are starting to know about sex at younger and younger ages. They are starting to do drugs younger too. How much worse can it get when we have 8 year olds committing rape? I can’t see it getting any younger than that. Do you think that this problem of kids getting into trouble at a younger age is global or is it primarily isolated to the United States?
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  3. Our society is one great contributor to be condemned. Wherever you go, sex is everywhere! Sex sells, so they say, its on our ads, on the tv, radio, the internet, peers and social gatherings. Its really overly saturated with fleshly desire and exposure that we tend to corrupt young minds and expose to them to these filth at the very onset of their lives.

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