April 16, 2024

Is It a Snub?


From the desk of “Why is this news”, the AP is reporting that the White House has told President-Elect Obama that they cannot move into the Blair House (a guest house across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) before January 15—the traditional date for President-Elects to move to Washington.

Why is this news?  Because President Bush has been going out of his way to make this transition the smoothest in history because we are at war, and because President-Elect Obama would like to move into the house to let his daughters start the semester at Sidwell Friends school (a private Quaker school in Washington) when the semester begins almost two weeks before Jan. 15.

To me, though this request is reasonable, if there are truly heads of state or other events planned for the area it would be rude to move these people out of this place.  As President-Elect Obama has said, there’s only one President at a time, and President Bush still has things to do before his term is up.

What do you think?  Is President Bush just making life difficult (which is what I think is being implied by this “news” piece) or is it just a schedule conflict?

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