July 23, 2024

Ready To Be Globally Governed?

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One of the characteristics of Tribulation period foretold in the books of Revelation and Daniel is that of a global government.  Most scholars believe that this will center on the European Continent and many thought that the European Union would be the vehicle to accomplish this.

However, watching the European Union try to form, and the hurdles that have had to be overcome where nations have had to try to subvert the will of their people, I’m beginning to believe that it will take the Rapture of the church in order to fully allow for a global government.

Secular Signs

Gideon Rachman, of the Financial Times of London, claims that he is not a conspiracy theorist, and yet he believes that he sees the signs of global governance on the horizon.  He states in his article that he could see a global government coming out of the European Union’s model, but he sees some hurdles– basically that most free societies have not readily accepted joining the Union.  The people’s will has had to be subverted in order to accomplish the ends.

What does Mr. Rachman believe has helped the cause?

[T]here is global warming, a global financial crisis and a “global war on terror”.

These problems, he says, are international problems and cannot be solved on a national basis.

World-wide Rapture

It is for this reason that I believe that when the World-wide Rapture of the church occurs this will be yet another global crisis.  And I can see a governmental misinformation campaign with the goal of convincing the public that it was not the Rapture of the church, but some other cause– perhaps a bad outcome of global warming?

Until then, I don’t believe that I can see a situation where the United States or other democratic nations go willingly into a place where they’re subservient to another government.  I mean, I believe that President-Elect Obama believes that we need to be more of a part of the “global community”, but I don’t believe that he would or could move to erase our national sovereignty.

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2 thoughts on “Ready To Be Globally Governed?

  1. Glad to have you back, Min! I’ve missed your posts!

    This is a very interesting subject. I’ve never thought about what effect the Rapture would have on the world (probably because I won’t be around to see it!). But you make a very valid argument – what will governments do to explain the sudden disappearance of billions of people?

    Rachels last blog post..An Open Letter to the Editors of Newsweek

    1. I’m not fully back yet, Rachel, as you can tell. We’re moving at the end of January or early February and I suspect it might take until then to get on a normal schedule. Until then, you can expect bursts of writing when I get opportunity.

      As I see it, either the countries will have to claim that they actively did it or that it was actively done to them. Regardless, it’s easy to see how it can be made into a global rallying cry for people to get together.

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