May 24, 2024

Why Not Let Her Speak?

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If you’re a Democrat, the answer is: She’s not ready.  In fact, this is part of the Democrat’s worst nightmare: that this hick governor from a state that’s not even connected to the lower 48 would become President in the place of the Maverick, Sen. John McCain.

I mean, who does this lady who has had no experience in Washington, and why does she think that having five children qualifies her to lead our country.  I mean, she has to be so well managed because if they didn’t keep her hidden she’d say something stupid and show what a bad choice she is for Vice President after all.

Or Perhaps, She’d Be More Conservative than Her Boss

Part of the appeal of Gov. Palin to the conservative base is just that, she’s known for being a conservative.  When you’re whole strategy for winning the White House is showing the country that you’re a moderate willing to buck the party, do you really want a partisan speaking for you?

Is it possible that, rather than worried that she’ll say something stupid, the McCain camp is worried that if Gov. Palin goes off-script she’ll start to make arguments that are against McCain’s policy positions?

Gov. Palin v. Sen. Biden

Is it possible that the McCain team is trying to avoid what’s happening to Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden—where Sen. Biden is out there, daily, saying things like we’ve covered before?

Perhaps, She’d Eclipse Her Boss

Gov. Palin’s always had the ability to dwarf Sen. McCain in firing up the base and drawing a crowd.  At the convention time, about the only story around Sen. McCain was that he was smart enough to pick Gov. Palin.  If people started flocking to her in droves, would that be a problem for a person that’s going for the top position?

Lots of Possibilities

The truth is, there are many different possibilities in there—and without hearing what’s going on inside the campaign, we’re left to speculation.  And each side is going to suggest their own spin and their own reason for why she’s so controlled.

For the good of the campaign, I hope this situation changes soon.

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