May 27, 2024

Would it Make a Difference?

Lined Notebook So I got to wondering the other day while I was mowing the lawn…

What is the effect of a high ranking blogger on a blog?  More specifically, if a more popular blogger were to comment on a rather unknown blog, what effect would they have on that blog?

Could I get someone like Darren Rowse of to write a guest post on my blog by means of research– somehow measure the effect of this high ranking blogger posting on a blog that was relatively unknown?

The reason for this thought process was that I’ve been following a lot of social networking sites, participating in them to some degree, and yet nothing that I’ve written or stumbled or submitted ever sees anything like the traffic that people claim you can get.  And if you’ve seen some of the tip sites you know that it doesn’t take much to get on the front page of some of these sites.

So, I started to muse about whether it’s actually who the person is, rather than the blog.  The reputation, as it were.  But I’m not sure on that hypothesis either.  I mean, Fussy is a great blogger, but she’s only been around for a year.  Her feed reader boast 400+ 600+1 readers, mine a paltry 70.  What I believe is working for her is her great wit, those amusing images, and the mommy-blogger market that is huge. 2

So, now I start to wonder, is my content not all that interesting?  too repetitive?  not unique?

That’s when I started to wonder if I could lure Darren in with some kind of test– using Twitter and other tools could I talk him into seeing if him writing a post would actually do something for one of my blogs?

But I don’t know that it would.  His niche is his specialty, and I don’t think it’d transfer all that well.  So, I’m left pondering what it is that I’m missing and they all have.  Any ideas?

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  1. Fussy corrected me. []
  2. That, and even though she’s pregnant she manages to keep up with multiple social networks, create multiple blogs, and keep a family together. []

2 thoughts on “Would it Make a Difference?

  1. Make sure everyone you know who reads your blog stumbles it–like I am going to do right after I comment. Send new posts to your stumble upon fans and beg for reviews.
    Things I love about Fussy:
    She’s personable;funny;human(writes about her own troubles now and then)
    She also has a weekly poll-and-giveaway, which helps rope in a few readers too.
    Oh, and she hosts a weekly “Mr. Linky.” That might help grab you some extra readers, too.

    alicias last blog post..Whatever

  2. Hey Thanks,

    My secret? I’m a bit of a circus clown screaming, “LOOK AT ME” all over the place. As you know, I have been a huge fan of your writing since I discovered the world of blogs last year. I think this site is most excellent.

    Alicia is right, we must start a atumble campaign for you!


    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypantss last blog post..Vote Evil Cat in ’08 and Have a Laugh

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