June 20, 2024

coComment Gets an Upgrade

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Late last year I told you about a service that I was trying out to keep up with places that I’ve commented— since the most difficult thing about commenting is keeping up on all the conversations that you’ve entered. You see, not everyone provides the e-mail subscription option that you find on this blog, so it’s sometimes hard to remember every place I visited to go back and keep up with what as said.

Then I had some trouble. For some reason I was having difficulty running the coComment Firefox extension. And then I was having trouble with it on my blogs.

A few weeks ago I saw that they had an updated version, so I decided to re-enable the plugin and I saw that it was working again! So, I’m coCommenting around the blogosphere again.

What’s neat is that they’ve also improved their site with more AJAX (that’s where the whole page does not have to repaint, just the section you clicked on). It’s much easier to keep up with conversations now.

Here are some of their other new features:

  • My Community: View the activity of people and groups you are connected to, while maintaining control over who you bring into your group conversations
  • Share any content with just two clicks with your friends, community or the social Web (digg, twitter, del.ic.ious and other social applications)
  • Stay connected with friends, groups and favorites through monitors and updates of your conversations on blogs and articles anywhere on the Web
  • Multi-Conversation Side Bar: a two screen split provides a new way to navigate through conversations and the Web and control everything from one page, enabling people to see both previous comments and current conversations
  • Comment anywhere: even on sites and blogs that don’t enable commenting

And there are also widgets, like the one that’s now on my site, that let you see where I am commenting so you can come and join in the conversation.

If you haven’t tried out this tool, you should!

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8 thoughts on “coComment Gets an Upgrade

  1. Hi,Thanks a lot for the review and for using coComment again.One more thing that might interest you: you can integrate your blog with coComment. This mean that all comments entered on your blog will be tracked by coComment, bringing you more visibility. To integrate coComment on your blog, you can install a simple plugin in
    WordPress (see http://www.cocomment.com/tools/integrate), or contact integration_AT_cocomment.com to get dedicated help.If you also choose to integrate your coComment profile with Technorati, all your comments and comments made on your blog will be indexed by Technorati (see http://www.cocomment.com/technorati/setup).

  2. That’s one reason I don’t branch out very often from my favorites on my blogroll…I have my “regular” stops, and hate how easy it is to get behind on everyone’s news. But there have been many times I’ve gone back weeks later wishing I could remember who wrote which post and where I commented on it! So this would be helpful. Where do you check on your coComments? Is it a thingie on your sidebar, or a separate page, or accessed through a toolbar?

    Mary’s last blog post..My Full House

  3. If you’re running FireFox, they put a button in your status bar to tell you when there are new comments on a thread you’ve commented on. They also put a bar below every comment so you can choose whether to ignore the post or to assign tags.

    When you click the notification button in the status bar, it takes you to CoComment’s site, and that is setup like an e-mail client with new posts on top. You can drill into the conversations and then visit the post again, or choose what to do from there.

    There’s also a social network built around it, so you can link up with friends there and see what they’re commenting on.

  4. And we also have RSS feeds you can register to to see the conversations that are updated.
    And the notification button in the statusbar (available with Firefox and IE extensions) will change if some of your conversations are updated.

  5. christophe, I had someone ask me whether it’s just blogs that CoComment tracks, or whether it will also track forum posts. If it’s possible to track forum posts, how hard is that to set up?

  6. Yes, we do support most forum platforms.
    Tracking is the same as with blog: the extension will detect the post area and automatically add the coCobar bellow it. Your comment will then be sent to coComment and you can also track the thread.
    Forums owners can also integrate the platform with coComment for better results.

  7. Mary, I believe that you’ll really enjoy it.

    christophe, one more question: I seem to be having trouble running CoComment with Tab Mix Plus. Have you see anything here that would explain why it’s not working for me?

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