April 24, 2024

Update on the Mormon Children

family at seaside Just in case you were wondering:

An arrest warrant has been dropped for a man thought to be the husband of a teenage girl whose report of abuse triggered a raid on a polygamous sect’s Texas compound, authorities said Friday.

A Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman would not say why the warrant was dropped for Dale E. Barlow, 50, who lives in Colorado City, Ariz. Barlow has denied knowing the 16-year-old girl who called a crisis center.

The total number of children taken stands at 463.  A boy was just born to one of the sect mothers.

The CPS argument that started it all:

Child welfare officials told the judge the children were living in an authoritarian environment that left girls at risk of sexual abuse and raised boys to become sexual perpetrators.

The Mormons are appealing to the governor of Texas to step in.  Whatever side you are on when it comes to this story, you can’t help but feel for all those involved.

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