May 27, 2024

End of Discrimination against Fox News

080501_allen_fox In our ever more polarizing world, people like to take sides– regardless of whether the position is rational or not.  The funny thing is, when the position that they take is no longer expedient, they find ways to equivocate and then reach out and do what they should have done in the first place.

Fox News is the number one cable news network in the country.  That means it has the largest audience and should be a place that any person running for elected office for the entire country should be seen.  You’re not running for the office of President for just one group, but all of them.

However, in our partisan world, it seems more people have trouble actually seeing the person on the other side of an argument as human, let alone moral or rational.

So, good job Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.  I know that it was probably because you’re trying to get every vote you can and you’re desperate to make your case to anyone that would listen, but way to be leaders and try to reach all of America instead of just your own small segment.

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2 thoughts on “End of Discrimination against Fox News

  1. Gack, Fox News is horrible. I used to believe they would give there interviewees a fair shot, but that changed after their review on sex in Mass Effect. They wanted to show the game ‘Mass Effect’ and the x-box in general provided porn to teenagers, so they completely ignore the expert they brought on the show who said you see worse on prime time t.v. (a guy who actually played the game and rates games for a living) in favor of a girl who said it was full of pornographic images (never mind the fact she had never played the game, or seen any of the pornographic images she claimed were in the game (hard to do when they don’t exist)).

    Okay, story aside. I don’t blame the democrats for not getting on Fox news. They have a history of going into interviews with a message/story that they want to get out of it, and it doesn’t matter how the interview goes or how wrong their message/story is. They are going to get that message/story out of the interview.

  2. @Loc: I don’t know that your criticism in your second paragraph is an exclusive indictment against the network or it should be leveled against all interviews in general. I can remember reading something in the blog realm where bloggers were to be careful of being interviewed by the media because it has an agenda and a storyline.

    So, that leaves me with two statements:
    1. We’d have to prove that FNC was worse at manipulating stories than other networks to justify a bias against them due to manipulation. I think we’d find that although there may be different media biases at play that all networks do the same thing.

    2. In the case of the democrats, it still doesn’t explain why you neglect at least getting your face out in front of people. Even bad publicity can be good publicity. You want to reach the people, you need to reach all the people.

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