April 12, 2024

Get to the Point

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Sorry. The point is this: We have a new tyranny at hand, and it’s not coming from Christians. In fact, what Christians have tried to do pales in comparison to what is currently going on based on this new moral law of discrimination. It is now wrong to conduct business and not serve certain people or not hire certain people purely based on what someone thinks is your motive.

Scare you?

If we look back to our founding documents you see that when we were a Christian (and not Post-Christian nation) our founding fathers understood something. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read what our rights given by God are: Life, Liberty and Property. This new moral law of discrimination infringes on both Liberty and Property. It contends that there is a body out there that can decide based on what they believe you think whether you’re wrong, and then they can seek to punish you in a way to make you do what they believe is right. In a way, it’s terrifying.

Taken to its logical conclusion, you may soon see that Christian churches may have to start changing their doctrinal statements on some subjects such as homosexuality simply because they’re discriminating. We’ve already seen what can happen to great charities that are told either provide adoption services to homosexual “parents” or close– they closed. The logical outgrowth of a society that elevates discrimination to a new sin that has to be enforced universally is that anyone that states an opinion other than the accepted one can be judged on any future actions they take based on their voiced opinion.

So, say I owned big company and was in charge of hiring and I had two candidates and one was a homosexual. I choose the straight man over the homosexual man, and then the homosexual man goes back, finds my blog, and says “he was being a bigot.” He could sue me or my company, and depending on how the justice ruled, he could win damages. Regardless of whether or not qualifications were followed.1

What I’ve already spent too many words saying is basically this: The secular morality of discrimination should not infringe on the God given right of liberty and property. The secular moral is baseless– there’s no hard and fast rule, and it’s unequally applied. It gives too much power to people who just seek to make trouble and it replaces freedom in America with tyranny.

Will it ever get this bad? Possibly. Am I just exaggerating? Hopefully. The point is watching the trends– seeing what’s happening.

As long as those out there that see discrimination as the new sin to be applied because we don’t like a person’s opinion or belief, we have the danger of having this imposed on us from above through government. I would say the same thing to them that they say to me. Leave your morality out of government. Stop trying to force your morality on me, and let me have the freedom that you claim I’m trying to take away from you.

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  1. This is the logical outcome. Right now, I could probably (depending on the judge) produce some documents to say why the other was more qualified and I might have a chance of winning– but I’d probably also lose business. []

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