May 21, 2024

Turbo-Charge WordPress over Dial-Up

WordPress 2.6 introduced an exciting new feature, especially for those who blog over Dial-Up Modem.  They have added support for Google Gears to the platform, so that once you enable it, many of the admin panel pages will react much quicker than they did in previous versions of WordPress.

The secret is that WordPress will download a chunk of its files (currently 200+) from WordPress right to your browser.  Then, a lot of the functions you use to compose your posts will be right there—not on a server in a different state.

How do you go about using this great new technology?  I’m glad you asked!

WordPress 2.6

First, make sure that you’re running the latest release of WordPress.  You’ll find the version number on your Dashboard.  If you are running 2.6 you’ll also see a link up in the top right that says “Turbo”.

Google Gears

Pressing the Turbo link will either prompt you to install Google Gears (which will require you to restart your browser) or it will prompt you approve Gears for that page.

If you get the prompt, download Google Gears and install it.  Restart your web browser, go into the WordPress Admin page and press the Turbo link again.

Approve The Site

This time you will be prompted to accept the site, and the process will begin.  This is a one time process, and it will tell you that it’s downloading files (up to 212, I believe) and it may get hung up for a second around 194.  Don’t worry, just let it finish.

Enjoy the Speed

Once you’re done, take it for a test run.  Try writing a post, and see if the toolbar, switching modes, and the general performance of the admin section has increased.  I think you’ll find it much faster.

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