April 12, 2024

Are You Serious About Reading the Bible?

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We as believes say that we want to know more about God.  We say that we want to know God’s will.  But how serious are we about truly getting to know God through His Word?

This is something I was challenged as I was using StumbleUpon to surf the web.  The site I found promised that following these four steps would change my life

In late August I stumbled across a variation of the four steps in a blog post by Fred Sanders. I implemented his recommendation that day and have followed the process almost daily since then. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Sanders in person and telling him how his post had transformed my life. My hope is that at least one other person will follow this advice and experience the same transformative affect.

Before I reveal the four steps I want to reiterate that while the advice could transform your life, it most likely will not. As with most life-altering advice, it is simple, easy to implement, and even easier to ignore. Statistically speaking, the odds are great that you’ll ignore this advice. Therefore I encourage you to stop reading now; you’ll only be wasting your time reading further.

For the one or two people who will find this useful, the four steps that will transform your worldview are:

  1. Choose a book of the Bible.
  2. Read it in its entirety.
  3. Repeat #2 twenty times.
  4. Repeat this process for all 66 books of the Bible.

Christians often talk about having a Biblical worldview yet most have only a rudimentary knowledge of the Bible. They attempt to build a framework without first gathering the lumber and cement needed to create a solid foundation. The benefits of following this process should therefore be obvious. By fully immersing yourself into the text you’ll come to truly know the text. You’ll deepen your knowledge of the Bible as a whole and be able to put each book into context.

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t tried this yet.  Anyone want to do this with me and observe the changes?

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15 thoughts on “Are You Serious About Reading the Bible?

  1. Min and Meg,

    I’m on board! I suck at getting into the Bible, but know I need to do it. Can we all email each other and hold each other accountable to read?

    AG’s last blog post..The Jealous Lover

  2. Twenty times! Wow, that’s a new one, but I can see how you’d see something new with each reading, and get a great grasp of it as well. Maybe some of it would even stay in my recall w/o actively trying to memorize it!

    I’d love to do this too…so are we starting in Hebrews…

    Just not Numbers right off the bat, okay? 😉

    Mary’s last blog post..Junk for Cash

  3. I heard that John MacArthur suggests a variation on this idea, but for the purpose of Scripture memory. Instead of a whole book, you pick a chapter and read the entire chapter each and every night before bed for 30 days. Memorization almost happens automatically!

    I haven’t tried it yet…but desire to! I’m thinking about Ephesians. In about six months, the entire book should be basically memorized.

    HomeDiscipling Dad Blog

    Charley’s last blog post..Withholding Affection- Revisited

  4. An interesting challenge. Hebrews is a great book– are we sure we want to start with that and not a smaller one? We should see if anyone else wants to get in and maybe start next week. How would we want to keep track? I could devise some kind of grid where we could check a box every time we’ve read the book. That would be interesting, and it shouldn’t be that hard to do…

  5. Okay, well, I was up early this morning and got the first 7 chaps of Hebrews read. So even if we start elsewhere, I enjoyed the prompt to delve there…lots to think about! It’s a pretty short book, MIn, only 13 chapters. Were you thinking we should start in Jude or something? 😉

    Mary’s last blog post..Junk for Cash

  6. I was just hoping for a little lead time to get some kind of accountability thing set up. I once read all of Hebrews in one sitting in summer camp– that was definitely a blessing.

    I’m up for Hebrews if everyone else is– I may even get Virtuous Blonde to join in.

  7. I’m actually trying out Twitter, and that is where you saw it. I’ve done it twice, once in NKJV and once KJV. I got VB to do it once, don’t know if she made it through the second time.

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