May 21, 2024

I Hope You Saw It

Eclipse Header

Try to explain a lunar eclipse to two boys that aren’t even in school.  It was a fun adventure as I tried to explain to them about the Sun, the rotation around the Earth and why the moon was going to disappear for a little while.  But that wasn’t the most interesting part of the night.

The most interesting part of the night was when my kids burst out into prayer asking God/Jesus to move the clouds away so that they could see the Moon!  They were excited– or maybe tired, or both!– but that didn’t stop them from recognizing the Creator was the only one that would let them see the Moon in time for the Lunar Eclipse.  And I want to tell you that God answered their prayers!

Isn’t it just like children to go to God with a request no matter what the size and trust that He can do something about it?  Virtuous Blonde added that it just goes to the point that Jesus made that we’re supposed to have the faith of a child– and yet more than a few times I know that I haven’t.

Thank you God– for the testament of  your power over Creation and that you hold all things and all things continue because of you.  And thank you for the lesson for my kids– I need to talk to you more!

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