July 23, 2024

ClearPlay Makes it Right

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So, after retrieving my unit from Target, I tried to get a hold of ClearPlay, and this has to be my only complaint– it’s hard to get a hold of them. Now, granted, I was calling from work where I have an extension number, so their call queuing system doesn’t work for me (I can just imagine the girl at the front desk wondering who called ClearPlay when they called back). The hold time, no matter what part of the day, is close to 15 minutes.

But I’m extremely pleased with how my situation is being handled.

  1. They’re going to take my defective player back and exchange it for a new player at no charge.
  2. They’re sending me a FedEx label so that I don’t have to pay to ship it to them!
  3. They even offered to have FedEx come by and pick it up at my home, which I told them was not necessary.

So, I’m happy. I’ll have the filtering that they’ve promised. The rattling should be gone as well as the problem identifying DVDs. And hopefully I’ll be able to watch my TV series on DVDs.

This really is a great system, from what I’ve seen. The biggest problem now is a matter of testimony. If you say that you watch a movie with an R rating and you’re doing it with a filter, make sure that you tell people that it’s with a filter. Otherwise it may look like you’re more tolerant than you should be about what you and your family watches.

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