May 21, 2024

Exporting the Best of Our Culture

Working on a foreign field can be stressful.  Add to that the fact that you’re fighting an enemy on their home turf, and that any moment can be your last and you can understand that there is going to be some degree of immoral behavior that happens– especially when your armed forces consists of volunteers of both sexes.

But 232 photos of service women nude and semi-nude posing with military rifles and American flag decals covering intimate areas?!

Now the news comes out that some service men posed for a calendar to help out wounded Iraqi veterans.

I do not know what drives individuals to take pictures of themselves in a sexual way for mass consumption, yet it is becoming more prevalent as the our culture gets more sexualized.  I suppose I should not be surprised that there are so many photos and calendars when church women think a nude calendar is a way to raise funds for a church or girls parade themselves in front of webcams for the friends list they can get.

It seems that the private and the public is seen to be interchangeable.

The interesting thing is that we’re supposed to be over in Iraq on our best behavior, and what is it that the Muslim people say that they detest from our culture and indicate our wickedness?  Britney Spears, J LO, the clothing, the fact that they dress like harlots, etc.

Some people believe that we should be talking with the terrorists to figure out why they are upset with us.  I believe that we should be listening to the religious people in both the countries and taking a hard look at what we look like and what we are selling and we should be asking the hard question:  Why do I feel the need to sell everything with sex?

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