May 25, 2024

The Amazing Wonders of Photoshop

A little while back, there was a discussion about whether the photos of Katherine Harris were real or doctored. The MSM made some kind statement to the effect it doesn’t happen– but it happens a lot, and we are being deceived by it. The thing that struck me most was something that I mentioned before in a post about the perfect face, and I wanted to show you this picture from which graphically illustrates what I mean.

These two pictures are a before and after collage. Here’s the statement from the site I linked:

Let’s look on an example of how to twist the truth by digital means. The Swedish «Flicka-Prosject» had the goal to decode and reveal how photo manipulation are used to lie about the modern ideal of beauty, specially for young women.

“I don’t think girls understand the extent of retouching”, says Sara Damber, project leader, to Aftonbladet.

By showing how a picture of an ordinary and natural Swedish girl can by changed the use of photo manipulation and turned into an unreal and artificial female model, the project hoped to strengthen young girls’ self-confidence. The goal was to reveal how unreal the many pictures in fashion magazines are, but the example is enlightening for most of us.

Before and after: The white in the eyes are whiter, iris is bluer, the eyebrows higher up, and eye lashes longer. The nose is narrower. Skin pattern is removed and the skin is smoothed and made warmer. The hair colour is more blonde and the hair is thicker. Teeth are made even and made totally white. The waist is made much smaller. The breasts are pumped up by the use of light and shadow. And so on and so on.

Conclusion: The picture as it appears has never been more uncertain. The camera has always been a liar, especially in the hands of a capable photographer and with the advent of photo-manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop, it’s all even easier to doctor photos and manipulate the reality and the truth.

Don’t be deceived by pictures– these women aren’t real.

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